This Membership Contract, is prepared by KRALLEN OTOMOTİV SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş.

 (referred to herein as KRALLEN) to set the terms and conditions of the website,

KRALLEN, regularly shares campaigns and announcements with its members approving the Contract, and allow member to make online orders.

The website “ ” is an exclusive website and may not be transferred or sold.

The member has a “password” set by him/her. The user can change his/her password at any time. KRALLEN does not take any responsible for the security of members. The members are responsible for their security. KRALLEN shall never request the passwords of the clients. Therefore it shall not be responsible for any problem to be arisen while using password.

E-mail address given during the registration is exclusive for the member and member has an opportunity to create the account. “Password” shall be known only by the user.

Member agrees the condition Sales conditions of KRALLEN.

Because of incomplete or incorrect information given during his/her registrationü, KRALLEN can unilaterally cancel the membership without any warning and notification in the event of any misleading/wrong information and violation of this Contract by the member.

Member agrees, declares and undertakes to not to copy, sell, reproduce and republish any information, documents and the product.itself belonging to KRALLEN.  is entitled to cease/suspend its operation temporarily or permanently. KRALLEN will not be responsible to the members of or any third parties related to the interruption or suspension of the system temporarily or permanently. has the copyrights related to the ownership of the information, documents, product by itself directly and/or acquired from external parties. is solely entitled to change the prices and properties of the products on the website.

KRALLEN is entitled to make changes/amendments to the Contract or include new provisions due to technical requirements or complying with the applicable laws and regulations. entitled to change the status of services not requiring membership currently, to a status requiring membership and vice versa, or it may include additional services, partly or completely change some services or change them as paid services.

Member agrees, declares and undertakes that the shipment of his/her orders will be arranged only after the payment is done by their side..

Dispute arising from this Agreement without prejudice to Article 193 et al. of the HMK (Code of Turkish Civil Procedure). Member agrees, declares and undertakes that he/she waives from his right to object to

Any matter not covered herein shall be governed by the applicable laws of Turkey.

TR Konya Center Courts and Bailiff O ffices shall settle any dispute arisen from the implementation of this contract.

This contract shall be valid and effective as of the completion of the member registration form and continue to be valid for indefinite time.

KRALLEN is entitled to cancel this contract at one sided and at any time as it desires.


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